Saturday, 27 February 2010

Pilates For Women, Men Don't Read This!

Ladies: 10 reasons for you to re-start Pilates in January.

10. Pecs
The result is breasts that look smoother, higher and more elegant, plus it gives good posture: a sexy quality.

9.Outer Quad

The result is a chiselled, distinctive, dancer-like curve down your outside leg effectively pulling the side of your leg in, making it narrower.


The result is slender, defined upper arms with the overall effect being both strong and feminine.

7. Hamstrings

The result is graceful leg definition and a lifted butt as the muscles curve outwards on the back of the leg mid-point up your upper leg, and then hey curve inwards right under your butt.

6. Lower Quads
The result is "skier's bump", those little bulges right over the knees that create definition and a slim look around the knees.

5. Lower Traps
The result is an elongated neck, an elegant posture, and a sculpted upper back.

4. Abs
The result is the chiseled six-pack.

3. T.A. (Traversus Abdominis)
The result is a flattened stomach and a strong core that stabilizes your lower spine.

2. Gluteus Medius
The result is the dancer's proverbial heart-shaped butt: cute and tight! Your legs seem to start higher on your frame; saddle bags shrink or disappear altogether as your seat tightens, and hollows form in the sides of your seat, making your hips look slimmer.

1. Gluteus Maximus
The result is the embellishment of our elegant, upright posture, and in women forms the bottom part of our alluringly-female hour-glass shape.

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