Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Pilates Programme for Olympic skiers

Well i really feel that Pilates & Yoga are being recognized internationally for their health and mental benefits.Not only Olympic skiers are using Pilates as part of their training programme,but school children in Scotland are using Yoga as part of their everyday Life.Until you have tried Pilates & Yoga,and given it chance to take effect,you cannot understand the immense changes the two can make in your everyday life.To view Scottish Children doing Yoga click here.

Margy Verba, who runs FlowMotion Pilates in Bishop, California, has worked with members of the 2006 U.S. Olympic ski team. In the spirit of Vancouver 2010 Olympic fever, she shares her behind-the-scenes look at the Pilates program she designed for skiers training for the 2006 Winter games in Torino.
Olympic Rings

"I explained that in Pilates we work from the inside out, and that I first teach the subtleties of core stabilization, disassociation, and sequential use of the spine. I was informed that the women might be willing go into those subtleties with me, but that the men needed to 'feel the burn' or I would lose their attention."

Bode Miller

"Based on the information I had, and with both goals and constraints in mind, I developed a program with an accompanying handout describing the exercises. This handout allowed them to take the program on the road. It also allowed me to slip in a few more subtle points, such as "Never do a 10 lb. effort for a 5 lb. movement." In order to have some scheduling flexibility within their structured training program, I offered 15-minute, 30-minute and 60-minute routines. My portable mat program for the skiers included general performance-enhancer exercises as well as sport-specific exercises. To gain credibility, I also threw in a few exercises like Teaser and Side Plank Leg Kicks, that I, a nearly 50-year-old woman with graying hair could easily do, that would be a big challenge for them-exercises which require more core control than brute strength from big outer muscles". By Margi Verba

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