Monday, 23 May 2011

Refresh, Review & Revitalise With Our Yoga/Pilates Retreats.

I have just returned from running my 2nd Yoga/Pilates Retreat at www.passeroses.com, in the wine valleys of Charante. The weather was glorious and i took 15 Yogis and Yoginis, most of whom had never met before. We had a mixed level of ability from beginner to advanced. The special part about the weekend was the amount of solo people who attended and how everyone mixed well and bonded together as a team.

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I have now booked 2 further dates for September and October, If you wish to come along "Go for it". Don't worry about coming alone or not knowing anyone as we all unite as a family.

Comments from May 2011 :

"Exceptionally well organised and thought out weekend - the "themed" approach worked really well" - Mark & Sue Ashcroft

"Really enjoyed the Yoga, As very new to twin practice. Very challenging to the mind and body picked up a few new tips for my own Pilates teaching practice, Also i would integrate some of your Yoga into my classes" - Susanne Wharton

"The practice and meeting people of the same mindset" - Eileen Jackson

"Brilliant, Stretching, Confidence building and inspirational. The mix of single and partner work brings the best out of people and provides food for thought" - Shirlie Deveney

"Fantastic - My body is more open and stretched i found it brilliantly valuable to be guided through the teaching theme of each session, Body and mind worked well together as a result" - Clare Sumner

"i thoroughly enjoyed the whole Yoga/Pilates aspect of the weekend the fusion of both was great the breathing was a good addition" - Tabitha Moses

"Delicious and very generous portions" - Emma & Tricia Buckle

"It was a really nice holistic weekend combining all the elements - Work, Relaxation, Teaching, Therapies and downtime. Everything was lovely" - Carl Powner
Morning Class

"Thought provoking, Relaxing, Not too strenuous, Thoroughly enjoyed it. I was amazed at the things i could do, would never have thought some of them possible" - Julie Roscoe

"Relaxing in the group, Making new friends and achieving a higher level of fitness" - Isla Conaen

"Challenging exercise and good company" - Graham Williams

"Enjoyed the seamless mixture of both Pilates & Yoga, The varied levels of excercise, Teaching technique and good for the budget" - Olivia Greenberg

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