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The Yoga Show Manchester
Free Yoga/ Pilates classes this weekend
15/16/17 May 2015
I'm so excited to be teaching two 30 minute sessions at the Yoga Show,Manchester. Join me on Friday 15th May from 4:45-5:15pm at the OM Yoga studio for - Spinal Revolution
"A Breakthrough In Back Science". The thoracic spine is built for rotation, flexion, and extension. It is highly mobile - or, rather, it has the potential for lots of mobility. Because of its mobility, the thoracic spine must be used, must be moved. But it has to be known.
If people are unable to visualize and feel the movement of the thoracic spine, or if they're unable to even grasp the concept of its existence, they'll just attempt to twist, rotate, flex, and bend with something familiar to them: the lumbar spine. That's bad news. A movement system that gently works the entire body opening energy pathways through rhythmic, spiraling movements.
Fluid movements that feel like dance are smoothly and harmoniously connected through the use of breath, utilizing low stools and mats. All fitness levels, from novice to professional, can benefit from this system.
Garuda Pilates on Friday 15th May 11.45-12.15pm and  Sunday 17th May from 3:45-4:15pm at the Warrior open class
The benefits of Garuda include increased strength, flexibily, coordination and endurance with a greater sense of ease and wellbeing. Garuda  draws deeply on mental focus and teaching relaxation through movement. Like yoga garuda also massages the internal organs and aids in detoxification.

Garuda is a non stop flowing class that is challenging and mindful. You will leave feeling invigorated. It is suitable for anyone with some experience of yoga and or pilates. Watch a Garuda Class here. Please bring a Yoga mat and bottle of water to class.
Book your tickets here.

Free Yoga and Pilates Solstice At The Dream
Sunday, June 21, 2015, 9:30am start, bring a Yoga mat
Registration is now open!  Thank you for your patience!  For those of you making a pilgramage to St Helens for this event. The Dream is pleased to support the local community. 
Solstice at the Dream class Schedule:
Class times and instructors are subject to change.  All registrants will be informed about any adjustments prior to the day. The morning consists of free Pilates and Yoga for the local community.
What is the Solstice?
The summer solstice usually occurs on June 20/June 21/June 22 in the northern hemisphere and on December 21/December 22 in the southern hemisphere.
In Chinese astronomy, the phenomenon known as Xiazhi roughly corresponds to the summer solstice - it begins when the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 90° and ends when its celestial longitude is 105°. Xiazhi usually begins around June 21, and ends around July 7, though the term sometimes refers in particular to the day when Sun is exactly at the celestial longitude of 90°.
In the USA, Canada, and some other countries, the summer solstice is regarded as the start of summer. In other countries, including Ireland, the UK, China, and Japan, the summer solstice is regarded as midsummer. For example, in Ireland, summer begins on May 1 and ends on July 31. Similarly, traditional East Asian calendars refer to the summer solstice as the "extreme of summer" and not the start.

The solstice has been observed as a special moment of the annual cycle of the year since neolithic times. The concentration of the observance is not on the day as we reckon it (commencing at midnight or at dawn), but on the pre-Christian beginning of the day, which falls on the previous eve. 
Today, Summer Solstice is still celebrated as a Wiccan sabbat (one of eight major seasonal festivals), called Litha. Every year, a celebration takes place at Stonehenge. This tradition dates back to pre-Christian fertility celebrations.

Midsummer has been Christianized as the feast of Saint John the Baptist. In the 7th century, Saint Eligius warned the recently-Christianized inhabitants of Flanders against pagan solstitial celebrations:
"No Christian on the feast of Saint John or the solemnity of any other saint performs solestitia [summer solstice rites] or dancing or leaping or diabolical chants."
Despite the Saint's imprecations, modern Solstice celebrations contain a rich mix of Christian and Pagan elements.
In Denmark the solstitial celebration is called Sankt Hans Aften ("St. John's Eve"). It was an official holiday until 1770 and, in accordance with the pre-Christian tradition of beginning the "day" at sunset, it takes place on the evening of June 23. On this evening, medieval wise men and women (the doctors of their day) would gather healing plants for use throughout the year (it was believed that plants picked on this night possessed special potency). The solstice has been celebrated in Denmark since the times of the Vikings by visiting healing water sources and making a large bonfire to ward away evil spirits. Speeches, picnics and songs are also traditional. In the 1920s a tradition of putting a witch made of straw and cloth on the bonfire emerged as a remembrance of the church's witchburnings from 1540 to 1693.
Midsummer's Eve is in Sweden and Finland considered the greatest festival of the year, comparable only with Walpurgis Night, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve. Before 1316, the summer solstice was called Ukon juhla, after an old Finnish god, Ukko. The biggest bonfire at a given celebration was called Ukko-kokko (the "bonfire of Ukko"). At present the midsummer holiday is known as Juhannus, or midsommar for the Swedish-speaking minority, and is the year's most notable occasion for drunkenness and revels. Will 'o wisps were believed to appear on this night and mark the location of hidden treasure. Because Midsummer is one of the times of the year when magic is believed to be the strongest, it is seen as a good night to perform rituals to look into the future. Today, young girls pick bouquets of seven or nine different flowers and put them under their pillow in the hope of dreaming about their future husband.
In Estonia and Latvia, Midsummer's Eve and St John's Day are two of the most important days in the calendar, marked by bonfires and parties. Traditional diversions include jumping over bonfires and flower-picking.
In Jersey, off the coast of Normandy, the custom known as Les cônes d'la Saint Jean was observed as late as the 1970s - horns or conch shells were blown. Ringing the bachîn (a large brass preserving pan) at midsummer to frighten away evil spirits survived as a custom on some farms until the 1940s and has been revived as a folk performance in the 21st century.
In parts of Norway, a solstice custom of arranging mock marriages, both between adults and between children, is still kept alive. The wedding was meant to symbolize the blossoming of new life. Such weddings are known to have taken place in the 1800s, but the custom is believed to be older.
In Great Britain, from the 13th century Midsummer was celebrated on Midsummer Eve with the lighting of bonfires, feasting and merrymaking. The tradition declined significantly during the Reformation, but persisted in rural areas up until the nineteenth century. Other Midsummer festivities had uneasy relations with the Reformed establishment. The Chester Midsummer Watch Parade, begun in 1498, was held at every summer solstice in years when the Chester Mystery Plays were not performed. Despite the cancellation of the plays in 1575, the parade continued; in 1599, however, the Lord Mayor ordered the parades banned and the costumes destroyed. The parade was permanently banned in 1675. The association of the solstice with dramatic performance was permanently cemented, however, by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Email to regester: info@pilates4sport.com

Next Pilates Course in St. Helens
Clinical Pilates and Garuda Pilates

I still have places left for the next Clinical & Garuda Pilates, please email info@pilates4sport.com or call 0800 246 1251 to enroll .The next course starts this Thursday 16th April with Clinical or Garuda Pilates. Whatever your age, level of fitness, or amount of Pilates experience you've had, there is a class to suit you. Please email for more details. All class sessions are limited to spaces and must be pre booked and pre paid. Class sessions are non refundable and non transferable. Please arrive 10 minutes before your first session with a non slip Yoga mat and bottle of water. Please note that our terms and conditions apply to all bookings. To enrol click here.
DayClassTimeCourse start & lengthCostVenue
Monday Clinical Pilates Mat5.30-6.30pmMonday 1st June - 7 Week£49St.Helens United Reform Church
MondayClinical Pilates6.30-7.30pmMonday 1st June - 7 Week£49St.Helens United Reform Church
MondayGaruda Pilates7.30-8.30pmMonday 1st June - 7 Week£49St.Helens United Reform Church

Course start dateNumber of sessionsPrice
Monday 1st June 2015 7£49
Monday 7th September 20157£49
Monday 2nd November 20155£30

Nordic Walking £7 drop in1£7

Please choose from the following streams:

CLINICAL PILATES: About 8 in 10 people have one or more bouts of low back pain. In most cases, it is not due to a serious disease or serious back problem, and the exact cause of the pain is not clear. This is called nonspecific lower back pain. The usual advice is to keep active, and do normal activities as much as possible.  In most cases, the pain disappears within six weeks but may come back (recur) from time to time. Chronic (persistent) pain develops in some cases and further treatment may then be needed. Clinical Pilates is taught by an STOTT ISP (injury-specialist populations) teacher or an APPI physio trained teacher. This class is suitable for both post and ante - natal mums .This class is limited in numbers to ensure individual attention. Please bring a Yoga mat and bottle of water to class,booking essential.
CORE PILATES/YOGA FLOW: This class is based on the latest research in fascial trains incorporating James de Silva's Garuda work which takes the class to the next level. Garuda combines  the strength work of pilates, the breathwork and asana practices of yoga and the grace of dance.


The benefits of Garuda include increased strength, flexibily, coordination and endurance with a greater sense of ease and wellbeing. Garuda  draws deeply on mental focus and teaching relaxation through movement. Like yoga garuda also massages the internal organs and aids in detoxification.

Garuda is a non stop flowing class that is challenging and mindful. You will leave feeling invigorated. It is suitable for anyone with some experience of yoga and or pilates. Watch a Garuda Class here. Please bring a Yoga mat and bottle of water to class, booking essential.
James D'Silva Garuda Yoga Pilates DVD amAya Music
James D'Silva Garuda Yoga Pilates DVD amAya Music

Nordic Walking: Nordic Walking is an enhancement of ordinary walking - it makes something we can all do.... twice as effective! Nordic Walking uses poles to in order to add two major benefits to walking Nordic Walking is the fastest growing fitness activity in the world and is used by individuals, personal trainers, health clubs, physiotherapists, doctors and health promoters because it is highly effective, affordable and FUN!
* The use of poles means the upper body muscles are used as well as the legs
* The poles help to propel the walker along - this means he/she works harder than usual yet the support given by the poles makes it feel easier!
Why Choose Me?
A CHEK Practitioner bridges the gap between a Personal Trainer and Physiotherapist or Osteopath that looks at the entire human being as a holistic entity
If you imagine that a trainer is at one end of the spectrum prescribing health and exercise programs and a Physio is at the other end, rehabilitating chronic injuries and providing therapy, a CHEK Practitioner will bridge the gap between these two respected professions. Through an understanding of how our body systems integrate, on a physical, mental and emotional and chemical level, the CHEK practitioner addresses all of these where many do not and prescribe a health and exercise program based on these factors and the goals of the client.
What is the CHEK approach?
The approach I teach is based on the Corrective, Holistic, Exercise, Kinesiology system devised by Holistic Health Practitioner Paul Chek who originally trained as a Sports Massage Therapist, Neuromuscular Therapist (NMT) and trainer of the US Army Boxing Team.
This system or approach is designed to address the person as a whole and analyzes the client's body from head to toe including diet, lifestyle and factors that can create more stress in the body. Stress has many faces and the accumulation of stress in the body may determine the amount of exercise, rest and or lifestyle changes the client needs to take in order to recover from pain or reach the goals they desire before they simply burn out!
What is the CHEK Institute Approach To Health?
What is the CHEK Institute Approach To Health?
The CHEK Institute is an elite educational and corrective exercise centre based in Vista, California. It is recognised as the world leader in functional and rehabilitative exercise conditioning amongst health and fitness professionals. Clients ranging from injured workers to professional athletes, see a CHEK practitioner and Exercise Coaches for individual evaluations and personal trainer programs.
A CHEK Practitioner is taught how to recognize the signs and symptoms of disorders that may impede successful rehabilitation, and then to network with appropriate professionals to achieve the desired outcome. The practitioner is not expected to help everyone or claims to help everyone and so they will refer out to another health care practitioner when needed such as a Chiropractor, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Doctor and people with specific skill sets.
For more details please call 0800 246 1251 or email info@pilates4sport.com.

Pilates/ Nordic Walking & Yoga Lake District Retreat
Friday 23rd October 6pm - Sunday 25th October 4pm 2015 , £250 per person based on two sharing 
I am pleased to announce a great opportunity for you to relax and take your Yoga/ Pilates practice deeper in the beautiful surroundings of the Lake District. The Yoga/ Pilates weekend will take place at www.haybergill.co.uk, situated in 3 acres of woodland in the picturesque Upper Eden valley in Cumbria. 
There will be a chance to practice a Dynamic Yoga/ Pilates flowing practice in the morning and a more passive, Restorative Yin practice in the evening with relaxing body scan meditation sessions. Classes take place in the purpose built studio overlooking picturesque gardens.
Those who wish can also take advantage of a relaxing massage treatment or experience a chance to unwind in the sauna. (NB: Treatments & sauna are not included in the price)
Explore the beautiful Upper Eden Valley, with plenty of walks available.
The price includes:
All meals, which are vegetarian and freshly prepared using local produce where possible. Warm and comfortable accommodation on a twin shared basis.
Yoga tuition:
Price: £250. A non-refundable deposit of £150 is required to secure a place. Places are limited so please book early. The remainder is due no later than 6 weeks before the start of the retreat. Please fill in the booking form and payment can be made via BACS, PayPal or Cheque.
Sample Time Table 
6pm - Arrival and settle into rooms
7pm - Dinner 
8:30pm - 10:00pm - Gentle Yoga/ Pilates Flow including relaxation and meditation
8:30am - 10:30am - Vinyasa Yoga/ Pilates flow
11:00am - Brunch 
12:30pm - Nordic Walk to Appleby Village 
6:00pm - Dinner 
7:30pm - 9:30pm - Thai Yoga Massage and Yin Practice 
8:30 am - 10:30am - Fusion Garuda Yoga/ Pilates Flow
11:00am - Brunch 
12:00pm - 3:00pm - free time for Massage
2:30pm - 3:30pm - Farewell Yoga/ Pilates Gentle relaxation and meditation
Haybergill, Appleby in Cumbria
Friday 23rd October 6pm - Sunday 25th October 4pm 2015
Email Nisha for booking form. info@pilates4sport.com
Rustic Hacienda Yoga & Pilates Retreat in Spain
Friday 29th April -Monday 2nd May 2016, £299 per person based on two sharing 
View our full album here
Join us for 4 days of Pilates, Yoga and Buddhist walking at 'The Hacienda'. Set in the beautiful Andalucian countryside, in an area of outstanding national beauty and ecological diversity, this retreat offers a complete getaway from everyday life as well a touch of rustic.  

Accommodation is set amidst spectacular views of the Andalucian countryside, in an area of outstanding national beauty and ecological diversity; this retreat offers a complete getaway from everyday life.

 Please email info@pilates4sport.com  or call 0800 246 1251 for more information.

Elite Sports Performance Show London
10th & 11th June 2015, Excel London 
Visit me at the Align Pilates stand and try the latest Pilates equipment.The Elite Sports Performance Expo is specifically designed to showcase all of the latest cutting  edge technology, sports equipment, facilities, services and nutrition from around the world to help improve and enhance the performance of elite sporting clubs, athletes and organisations.

Not only is it the most interactive and comprehensive event for the European Elite Sports Profession, but it's also a world first. This unique exhibition and conference provides a platform for elite sports clubs, organisations and athletes the chance to involve themselves in Europe's largest sports performance exhibition.
For more information visit: http://www.elitesportsperformanceshow.co.uk

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